• Deaths because of its venom are caused by heart failureRead More
  • Black mambas are either grey or brown. Only the inside of its mouth is blackRead More
  • Most people actually survive bites from the black mamba snakeRead More
  • Black mamba snakes can move at a speed of up to 14 miles per hourRead More
  • Black mambas are known to be rather timid and easy to scareRead More
  • Females lay up to 45 eggs - either in a nest or undergroundRead More
  • Black mamba snakes are neither intelligent nor shrewedRead More
  • Newly hatched mambas can kill and eat small rodentsRead More
  • In Africa it is also called the "Shadow of death"Read More
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Black Mamba Videos

By Anders Nielsen, Ph.d.

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Poor Squirrel Family

In this video, a common misconception about the black mamba snake is raised, and that is that the mamba snake is evil. The mamba is neither evil nor aggressive. The nickname, "the shadow of death," is from Africa, where people fear it for good reasons. However, people have actually survived its bite without antivenin, although antivenin must always be given to people bitten by this beautiful and large snake. The video ends with a family of squirrels being eaten by a black mamba. The video ends with a squirrel-tail sticking out of the black mamba's mouth.

Eating Three Rodents in One Meal

The black mamba is a fast snake, and it hunts during the day on the ground, in the open, and in trees. It takes 20 seconds from a bite until a small rodent, such as a mouse, is completely paralyzed. In this video, a family of rodents in a burrow is thoroughly "investigated" and swallowed. As the rodents are rather small, she eats three in a row as one meal.

Magnificent Black Mamba Video

Although this video only shows a black mamba slowly slithering on a tree, the video quality is so good that the film is worth showing here.

Pictures of the Black Mamba Snake

Most of these photos are from zoo's.

Black mamba snake moving away

Black mamba looking at the viewer, some part of its body is seen

Close-up of a black mamba snake head.

A black mamba shedding its skin. The shed skin is transparant

A black mamba snake moving a long a piece of wood

A black mamba snake eating a frog - also seen on this index page

A black mamba snake swallowing a frog - same as before just a while later

Black mamba snake